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Grip Descender
An essential piece of gear for rope access and rappelling activities is a grip descender. This mechanical device's purpose is to regulate the speed of a rope's drop, giving people a safe and regulated way to descend from heights.
Floor Marking Tape
The Floor marking tape we deal in, is a useful and adaptable tool for defining spaces, distributing crucial information, and improving safety in industrial and commercial settings.
Flock Lined Glove
A sort of hand protection tool called a flock lined glove is made for both domestic and commercial use. Its inside lining, which is often composed of cotton or a synthetic material like flock and improves comfort and absorbs perspiration, is what makes it unique.
Venus N95 Face Mask
A superior respiratory protection tool, the Venus N95 Face Mask is made to filter out at least 95% of airborne particles, including germs, fine dust, and aerosols. In order to create a barrier against dangerous pollutants, it provides a secure fit over the nose and mouth.
An extensive collection of safety equipment called a PPE Kit (Personal Protective Equipment kit) is created to safeguard people from numerous industrial hazards. Depending on the particular requirements of the area, it frequently includes equipment like coveralls, gloves, face shields, goggles, respirators, and more.
Nose Mask
A nose mask, also referred to as a dust mask or particulate respirator, is a portable respiratory protection tool used to filter out dust, pollen, and other airborne contaminants. It provides a fundamental level of defense against breathing in irritants.
Safety Eyewear
Offered Safety eyewear is a specialized protective eyewear that is mainly intended to protect the eyes from potential risks at work. They are typically made of impact-resistant materials and frequently have coatings that are anti-scratch and anti-fog.
Face Shield
We have brought a range of face shield products that have been mainly meant to protect the face of the workers. They are mostly used by the workers of the industries and other associated units. 
Baton Light
A multipurpose portable illumination device known as a baton light is frequently utilized by emergency responders, law enforcement, and security professionals. It combines the capabilities of a flashlight with a baton's or extendable baton's longer reach.

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